Friday, July 20, 2007

the queen on speed

why are you so sad?
what has the world done to you?
has it treated you unfairly? have you been pushed and swayed
to the opposing side?
are you a product of the secular world?
the secular world of
fashion, masks, designer this and designer that.
the eating disorders, the self abuse, the inconsistent emotional instability.
it isnt you. it isnt the you i fell in love with.
the girl next door. the nice one.
you are the nice one and not the smug, mean one. that is me.
our rolls are changing.
you were white and i was black.
i was the knight moving blindly.
up one, over two. you were the round little
pon, moving up one at a time, stopping when stopping
was the only option.
you are now the queen.
the queen on speed.
here and there and there.
i dont know where you are or who you are,
but i do know that you are the queen.
the queen, moving side to side and up and down,
like there wont be a tomorrow.
you are black, and sad, and shocked, and scared.
this is not you queen, sweet, trusting, lovable queen.
to the eye, black, but to me, your heart is white.
take a step back.
move back one square,
behind, diagonally,
whichever is most comfortable.
move back.
take another look.
youre running blindly.
making faulty moves, motiveless moves.
these secular breeding grounds of glitz and glamour
will call checkmate.

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