Friday, June 17, 2011

Snippets from the morn...

Six a.m. rolled along and I struggled with myself, weighing both pros and cons of exercising this morning. Thirty minutes after deliberating, the verdict was in. I would take advantage of the low temperatures, the rising sun, and the coolness from the Delta blowing through Midtown. I sat up in my bed, took a deep breath in and noticed the funny little girl with the matted bed head popping up to seize the day.


I opened my front door this morning anticipating our Farm Fresh To You box. Sure enough, there it was! Tiny and cute ( we still wanted to support our local farms so we decided to switch to a small fruit box every other week and continue shopping at our local Farmer's market ). I was excited to see what kind of goodies we'd have for the next couple days, and so was Lola. As I opened it, she quickly took over, ripping through it like an excited child on Christmas morning. She gladly settled with a yellow nectarine.


I listen to Pandora on my phone when I run, but I forgot to bring headphones this time. As we were jogging  down one of my favorite streets, I realized Lola's little moccasins moving rhythmically to this song playing. As I pulled the shade back, I saw that she was having a full on dance party in the jogging stroller.


We ran, literally, to the grocery store to pick up some milk, eggs, bananas, and dinner for Lola ( because mama and papa are going out tonight!!!!! ) when we ran into my neighbor at the grocery store. We chatted outside for a couple minutes when a woman wearing headphones walked by confidently belting Nelly Furtado's, I'm like a bird. She got the expected wide eyed looks, but she seemed to be having a good time. Sing it girl!


Lola is an active participant when Super Why is on. She stands in front of the screen and waits for them to ask for letters. Then she quickly points. So cute and so smart!


Today has the potential to be wonderful. 
Seize it.
Happy Friday.


Danyelle said...

Sounds like quite the morning. Super cute that she actively participates with Super Why, my little girl is on constant lookout for Blue's Clues.

Katie said...

Love this post! <3