Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Soaking Up The Sun

Rise and shine!
Those were words I felt, yesterday, I wouldn't be living up to. Those of you who read my Early Tuesday Morning post know that I had a hard time sleeping. So after a long and grueling hour and forty five minutes of tossing and turning, I got out of bed, groggily headed to the kitchen and whipped up some breakfast. I took my time eating while reading through all the late night and early morning posts of fellow bloggers, enjoying every minute of this early morning's silence. After my "long" three hour work shift, I headed to the store in search of some picnic snacks. Once I got home, we packed up, and headed out to McKinley Park.

 Ah, McKinley Park. It's the kind of park that takes me back to my childhood. It's the kind of park that makes every visit a rewarding experience .It's the kind of park that I hope Lola will always remember. 

The pond was filled with ducks and geese and turtles, their loud quacks and honks reminding you that they are the rightful inhabitants.

 The sun's heat was bright and warm, cleansing any thoughts of an earlier foggy morning.

Lola enjoyed exploring the big wooden playground, climbing and crawling through doorways and tunnels.

Our spread was built up of strawberries, cheese cubes, carrots, raisins, pita chips, and Gold Fish. We indulged in our snacks and soaked up the sun. It was a good day!


jenny baker said...

i love seeing park days with lola! :)

May said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Your little one seemed to thoroughly enjoy her day out at the park..:)

Lizzie said...

So precious. I love the one of her watching the duck through the gate.

Jhen.Stark said...

Goodness, wherever it is that you live, there are so many great parks near you! Joss and I wanna play at those parks :0)

What a sweet picnic set up (those strawberries look yummy!)

Lucy said...

We live in Sacramento. You should come visit! We'll go on a park tour!

love and life ♥ said...

These shots are so awesome! She is too adorable & I love her shoes! Park days are so much fun!