Saturday, January 15, 2011

Little Things- Prolonged Mornings

I often forget that I am still young. I often forget the anticipation that comes before heading out the door, baby-free. I often forget what it feels like to roam free, hand in hand, anxious to get to where it is we are going. I had altogether forgotten the goodness and fulfillment that comes with seeing live music. I woke up yesterday morning, after a long night of tossing and turning, ears buzzing with a faint, monotonously high pitch, Lola's little finger plucking away at eyelashes suffocated with the last night's mascara, and this lovely  Musical Charis song stuck in my head.

The sunlight was spilling in through the windows, bartering for our time and attention. We were in need of a prolonged morning, one requiring many hours past the norm spent in pajamas while I enjoyed double cups, back to back, of deliciously-subtle coconut chai.

  We were in need of a prolonged morning, searching through the arrival of our first box of farm-fresh produce.

One where we put our fresh apples to use and make apple pancakes.

And in appreciating our prolonged morning we receive joy.

We take our time running errands.

 We are given opportunities to appreciate littlest of beauties.

We are given a chance to rid our little home of any last Christmas decorations and focus on what really matters.

Happy Weekend!


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Jhen.Stark said...

Your little girl is just absolutely beautiful! She has a soft yet exotic look about her, but yet still radiates an innocence of a child! I loved all these photos and I'm SO VERY GLAD YOU LINKED UP!!!!