Friday, December 03, 2010

Hamming It Up, Lola Style!

We really love our walks. On mornings off to a rough start, our walk is a chance for us to clear our heads, get the blood flowing, and let off some steam. It's a chance for us to escape the confines of our little apartment and be a part of something bigger-part of the world outside. It is a chance for us to coincide in the steps and lives of others. It is a chance for me to divert from "I have to clean because family is coming to visit" mom, and become "let's just do us" mom. And those us kinda days are always what Lola and I need. We thrive on them. So we ditch the limitations and go about our day "to-do-list-less". And joy begins blossoming. I indulge in being part of this beaming life, taking a few steps ahead of her only to peer over my shoulder, to catch the eyes of my fortune, sweet Lola.

 Her excitement for life is electric, she is electric. She motivates me to get going, get moving, start shaking, and stop taking myself so seriously. She forces me to see things through her big browns, realizing that seeing innocently is, in fact, seeing in a whole new light.

Sometimes it just feels that good to sit on a sidewalk of freshly sifted leaves. And if you can't join 'em, well hell, you better capture it!

I'd like to think that I did. Her little body all propped atop crunchy leaves in the middle of a Midtown sidewalk was quite the sight. What can I say, my little chicken keeps things interesting!

And even after being pushed by a little boy time and time again, her big browns filled to the brim with tears, she still manages to squeeze out her sweet little smile. All is right in the world again.

I live for that smile.

Now for a "Little Thing" moment. Knowing that the month of November is over and knowing that I made it out with18/30 days accounted for, I figure that I shouldn't feel defeated. There are only wins in sharing joy!

Contrasting colors. Freshly fallen leaves on blades of green grass.


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jenny baker said...

i love your posts! i would comment on each one but that would be a little stalkerish :)