Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is It True? Can It Be?

It is absolutely, 100%, true! We are officially the proud parents of an 18 month old, and loving every moment of it! Every day presents a new opportunity to fall in love with her little spirit a little more. My heart warms and melts for her every morning, even after the long nights, still snot filled and congested. She is beaming with light and joy...and energy, and makes every part of 'keeping us on our toes' worth it. Her facial expressions, ever changing, causing consistent gut-wrenching spouts of laughter. The way her silly little feet pick up her silly little legs to run as fast as she can, is still so charming. The way she rocks her Bieber flip in the front and her spirally curls in the back is freaking adorable! What a wonderful blessing she is and will continue to be! The sweetness of her little garbanzo face is so heartwarming- so innocent. The tiny sound of ongoing chitter-chatter with the occasional splash of 'dog', 'baby', or 'bubble', is so sweet. 

 I could not imagine my life without her, nor do I care where I would be! I am here, now, and I am happy, but above all else, I am fulfilled. 

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Brittany Noelle Scott said...

so true, being a mom is the BEST thing! So fulfilling!