Thursday, November 11, 2010


My little sidekick and I made plans with my good friend, Jaunessa, for a park-picnic, caravan style. It has become our goal to rally up the girls and do mom-esque things, like power walking matching strollers, lattes in hand! So Jaunessa and Jess met us at the apartment, where our little gals were prepped and packed in their own jogger. It was the perfect day. It was bright and breezy- the tree lined streets, shaded by giant canopies of leaves decked to the tee in Autumnal hues.This Friday morning power-walked-trek to the park set the tone for a wonderful weekend. 

McKinley Park is a mile's worth of beauty. Big shade trees scattered though the grounds offer the perfect lunch lounge for picnickers. A rose garden lines half of one side and is the Shangri-La for early morning yoga practicers. It is a place of inspiration and expression for artists and a moment in time for lovebirds. There is a huge pond filled with ducks, turtles, and swans.

 A giant, wooden playground area is tucked away on another side and is flocked by jogging strollers, the chariots of little beings. The area is warm with the sound of children's chatters and rich in the scent of damp wood. Babies are swaddled and wrapped and Bjorn-ed while their moms recap on last night's episode of Private Practice, which was intense, by the way!

After letting the girls explore, we settled down on our picnic blanket, soaking up the sun, munching, and enjoying each other's company! Like I said, a great way to start the weekend!

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