Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chalk It Up, Little One, Chalk It Up!!!!

I can, excitedly, cross yet another item off my Summer Todo List.

I've tried introducing chalk to Lola once before, about a month ago. She didn't do as well as I had hoped she would- it ended up in her mouth. Just last week we took an unexpected trip to the park in the middle of the afternoon. I was tired and Lola was not. It was a bad cocktail of a day, so my plan was to take her out earlier than usual to tire her out sooner than later. In the heat of the afternoon we were greeted by the cutest group of scene kids and there little summer babes, all huddled underneath the shade tree. But of course, Lola would pay no attention to them. She had the energy of a puppy, happy to see her master after a long day of being alone. I hung around in the shade until she made her way over to the swings, looking back at me with hands outstretched as if she were asking me a question. Her face had the, "well aren't you gonna push me, mom?", look written all over it. Unfortunately, my super-secret-excuse-for-park-time wasn't turning out as peaceful as I had hope it would. After she baked in the swing for a couple of minutes, I got her out and she walked around, her hands full of wood-chips, her mouth belting out the usual squeaky, guinea pig-like noises for everyone to hear. She finally retreated to the shade at the far end of the playground near a group of mothers and daughters doodling with sidewalk chalk. My first reaction was to try to avoid them at all cost. I knew that there was a really good chance that Lola would all of a sudden develop an appetite for something chalky and dry. To my surprise she played nice and doodled even nicer.

Though I had certain intentions for talking Lola to the park, I feel like I was the one who really benefited from it. It was wonderful to get out of the house and be distracted from my daily motherly chores. It was great being surrounded by new moms and their beautiful little ones. It was very calming for me to be outdoors, in the shade, enjoying the summer breeze. It was an opportunity for me to fall in love with my little chicken all over again. 

We eventually went home- me, with peace of mind and a calm spirit and Lola, tuckered out and all covered in chalk!


Auntie Sherry said...

Cute top, Lola ;)

You have a great eye for photography, Lucy. It's fun to see these glimpses into your day!

jenny baker said...

i agree, i love how you focus on the things that might otherwise be missed, like poking little fingers into holes & chalky bums :)