Friday, November 06, 2009

Being a Mom

i recently discovered that Pieter had done a little bit of filming at the hospital after i gave birth to our daughter Lola. i cant believe how much that little girl has changed! when parents and friends with babies tell you to cherish every moment because it goes fast, you should take their advice! i really don't remember our little girl being that little! Lola is SO amazing. everyday i see her changing and learning and enjoying life. i get excited just thinking about the fascination each new thing will bring her. i feel alive when i'm with her. i feel as if i see things in an entirely different light. her smile is contagious-she makes my bad days seem not so bad. it's truly wonderful. being a parent has been rewarding. i will take advantage of all the laughter and joys that come along with being a mom because it truly is a privilege.

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