Monday, August 10, 2009


everyone likes to give you there opinion- especially when there is a baby in the picture and your a first time mother. Lola spent the first 9 weeks of her life snuggled up in between Pieter and me every night. i remember hearing all sorts of comments and advice from family members, friends, and random bloggers. i quickly realized that there were two teams of opinions when it came to advice on getting Lola to sleep in her crib. personally, i was raised as a "let her cry it out" baby. but when it came time to get her to stay in the crib, i just didn't have the heart to leave her there, crying. maybe im being too sympathetic, but to me, being a mother has really been about finding my own rhythm- finding out what works for me. so finally, 9 weeks after being the baby divider in our bed, i put her in crib and that is where she has stayed. maybe she needed to do it in her own time. either way i am proud of her!

today i was watching Rachael Ray. she was interviewing Selma Hayek and one of the audience members asked what the best advice her mom gave her. Selma responded that her mother had told her to put her baby to sleep every night because she never knew when it wouldnt be like that anymore and that one day, when her daughter was grown up she would wish that she could go back.

i can say that there are times that it takes a really, REALLY long time, but i really do cherish getting that time with Lola. there is something about getting to rock your daughter to sleep every night, even when she fights it and it takes two hours. i love it.

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