Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a mission statement

it is my goal, better yet my hope
that motivation and inspiration take place here.
that the dream and the want and the desire
flow from his heart, through his pen, finally onto paper.
that the beauty of his soul spills onto the pages
displaying the true beauty and facisnation i see everyday.
that it is i who stand up for him and encourage as he has all these days.
for me.
that through this all,
he aspires, and grows, and becomes confident, and strong in all his talent.
pursuing every dream, every goal, every heart in reach
and beyond.
forgetting his 'cannots' or inhibilities, forgetting his own worst critic.
it is his beauty that is displayed through the words he writes, the places he creates,
and those he wants us to fall in love with.


Pete said...

I love you. Thank you for your words

Katie said...

you are beautiful. so is he.

i hope so, too.